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Jan 27 2014
Instagratification: 9 Theater Superhunks Making Social Media Their Bitch Comments (0)

When it comes to following hot Broadway performers, Off-Broadway actors and chorus boys, I wouldn't say I'm the most dedicated, but I'm one of the most literal—in fact, I tend to run into them on the street and say hello. [Most of the time, they're thrilled to be recognized and briefly chatted up by a fan, though one luscious blond(ish) boy has looked at me like I'm wearing a vest littered with bubonic plague-laced needles.]

My own Instagram is filled with sexy men about town, and probably a decent number of them are buff theater boys, sure to please all you theater buffs.

With innovations like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you don't even have to leave your home to ogle men who were—let's face it—born to be ogled.

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are just a few of the nonsensically beautiful, occasionally ecstatically exhibitionistic men of the theater who you may want to get social with real fast...


Peter-Nelson-shirtless-Jonathan-D-LovitzPeter with Jonathan D. Lovitz

Peter Nelson

Peter-Nelson-Callan BergmannThis tall drink of water was a highlight of the most recent Broadway Bares, but I've had my eye on him since a previous production of the same nearly-nudie review. He's not only handsome as hell, this veteran of Broadway's Cinderella is also extremely nice, with the ego of a far less attractive person.

His Instagram has great backstage stuff, and just enough skin (even shots of his hot buddies—as seen at right) to make it a must for anyone not allergic to prettiness.

You can also find him at his personal website.


Callan-Bergmann-2-shirtlessGuess it was just one of those days.

Callan Bergmann

Instagram-Callan-Bergmann-1Callan, who fills out a swimsuit nearly as well as anyone you've ever met, narrowly missed winning the title of Mr. Broadway. No matter, he already wears a sash of physical perfection, the kind that can't be arbitrarily chosen by a panel of judges.

His high-kicking Instagram could easily slide into the kind of show-and-tell account we all look for, but until then, it's doing an excellent job of keeping fans posted on his whereabouts while throwing us a bone in the form of a shirtless shot every once in a while.


Andrew-GlaszekScrew the swimsuit—I wish I were the chlorine!

Andrew Glaszek

Andrew-Glaszek-swimsuitThis handsome, gifted dancer—a Broadway Bares regular (who plugs the charity tirelessly, sometimes in his underpants) and one of the most famous gingers in all of NYC—has a full dance card lately, including two Web series. In one, Hustling, he is shown off to great advantage...and even gets to act!

But even without the benefit of the third dimension, Andrew shines—he's a favorite model for any number of physique photogs. His personal Instagram (while light on anything truly provocative) never fails to offer click-worthy snaps. He's also superbright, making his Facebook musings and Twitter tidbits must-reads for anyone he approves.


Matthew Skrincosky

Skrincosky-nudeI first met Matt via Broadway Bares (are you sensing a pattern here?), have found him to be extremely nice in person whenever I've run into him at his day job and was unsurprised (though he was apparently shocked) when he was IDed by New York Magazine as one of a crop of so-called Instastuds, gorgeous young men who flaunt their assets on social media and who have legions of fans. Matt seems to show off his beauty more humbly, with an air of, "I know...I can't believe it either!" rather than, "You want this. Suffer."

Matthew-Skrincosky-shirtlessRegardless, his Instagram (especially) and Facebook, combined, are an Old Faithful of pretty. He also is a wildly appealing model for various NYC physique shutterbugs, including Kevin Thomas Garcia but NOT including Matthew Rettenmund, has gotten tubular with Bethenny Frankel on her daytime talk show's '80s episode and—wait for it—can sing! It's enough to make even the most puritanical gay pray that he falls on hard times and into prostitution, but he seems so sweet one can't help rooting for him to be happy and successful instead.



Joshua Michael Brickman

Joshua-Michael-BrickmanHow do you solve a problem like dancer and fitness model Joshua Michael Brickman? He's blond (and with hair follicles thicker than thieves) and in possession of a body that would make even the most hardcore gym nut jealous. I guess there's nothing to do but accept that it's his world and we're just living in it, especially when JMB is appearing on/in DNA, serving up swimsuit looks and cranking out eye-popping images on his Facebook and Instagram accounts faster than Rihanna cranks out hits written by others.

I first found him at Broadway Bares and he's apparently a great dancer. But I think I prefer him stock-still and clothing-deprived.


Judah-GavraThe man in the mirror

Judah Gavra

Sexy-Judah-GavraThis good-natured guy absolutely killed it at Broadway Bares: Winter Burlesque, and his Instagram does not disappoint in the male pulchritude department. He's bendy, he's got a big smile that's never far from his also-noteworthy lips and his body is tight.

Plus, he sings!

Judah's got a kindness about him that might make you feel like a dirty perv for staring him down, but  just remember that he has walked naked across a stage before so is well and truly braced for your worst, least polite gawking. Love that his eyes disappear when he smiles. If only his clothing did, like those naked-lady pens that used to scandalize us when we found them in our dads' desks as kids.


Nick Adams

This hot hoofer has been Topic A among fans of biceps ever since that muscle landed him in the tabloids, which suggested co-star Mario Lopez was threatened by Nick's arm tricks in A Chorus Line. Though that kerfluffle is long forgotten, Nick's rep as a body beautiful is impossible to forget, especially if you follow him on Instagram, where even his least revealing photos reveal him to be a dream come true for sighs-queens.

He's been a Broadway Bares babe and made a splash in Priscilla, where his "masc" had to be tucked in order to bring out his "femme."


Luke Guldan

It's not even fair to include Guldan on this list—his big claim to fame on Broadway was Off-, a turn in something called Breaking Kayfabe—unless The Backlot made that up as an excuse to use sexxxy pics of Guldan in its wildly entertaining annual list of 37 hot theater types.

But he has tread the boards and so his far more prolific work as a fitness model simply can't disqualify him, especially with a (slow-on-the-content) Instagram and Facebook page that will get you producing testosterone even faster than those injections you get from your hairdresser once a week.



Josh-Buscher-shirtless-Boy-CultureAbs-olutely no regrets

Joshua Buscher

Recently married ("Awww!" vs. "Aw, shucks.") Josh consistently provided show-stopping numbers every year he participated in Broadway Bares, and has worked steadily on Broadway, whether in Priscilla or Big Fish—that's a lot of fish for a slab of beef. He was also shown off to great advantage in West Side Story, and one can only imagine what the late, great Arthur Laurents thought of this total package's total package—even from a respectable distance, Josh cuts an impressive figure. (Speaking of distance, his appearance in a Grindr-based mini-musical is about eight inches way.)

If you check him out on Facebook, you will find he isn't as exhibitionistic as a boy with his gifts should be. Perhaps we can encourage him to be more generous now that he's committed the in-the-flesh stuff to his hubby.


Got any suggestions for who I should add to this list? I'm especially interested in any performers of color who have active Instagrams, Facebooks and/or Twitters that offer their fans glimpses of how the 1%-body-fat-ers live.