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Feb 28 2014
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
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Armando Adajar shoots Justin D. (first model) and Gil Montano in FU Underwear.

Fans By The Dozen: The Cream Pies Hit Bill's Donuts Comments (0)
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Photos by Dan Burtenshaw's proud papa & Christa Cox

Those adorable Cream Pies made a public appearance last night, showing up at the place that started it all—Bill's Donut Shop in Centerville, Ohio.

Cream-Pie-5I hear Bill's has peanut butter-flavored long johns???

The boys met up with the fans they've cooked up since their Ellen appearance. Icing on the cake? Photo ops!

EXCLUSIVE! The Real Deal: An Interview With Kickstarter King Steve Grand Comments (0)
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Steve's fans lift him up. Full gallery above.

Steve Grand is stubborn.

The Lemont, Illinois, native has discovered a way to have his cake and eat it, too (all the while looking like he's never so much as tasted cake): Without a record deal or traditional music manager, he's created two-going-on-three Steve-Grand-T-shirtviral music videos, landed on multiple mainstream TV shows, made personal appearances around the country and—oh, yeah—raised $130,000 on Kickstarter in a day and a half.

So forgive him if he's not worried to be going it alone when he releases his debut album, All-American Boy, in May.

But for a self-described loner, Steve was, as he has been every time we've connected, completely affable, open and in good humor during our late-night, birthday-eve phone pow-wow, during which we talked about his fans, his album, his single "Back to California" and how he's handling being an "It" guy for so many people who'd never heard his name eight months ago...

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Feb 27 2014
In Todd We Trust: An Interview With Todd Sanfield Comments (0)
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert...

Pharmacy student, model and underwear designer Todd Sanfield is a triple threat for sure. Back in 2012, he told The Underwear Expert, “I’m a hard worker and I’m passionate,” and those words still prove to be true today. We caught up with him recently for another chat on modeling, HIV research and—of course—underwear! Check it out.

My inspiration for the new collection comes from…my athletic background and my time spent in New York City. My mom provides added inspiration as well. She has been creative my entire life, more creative than me, but it has been on a smaller scale, therefore people cannot see her talents. I am a reflection of her. 

My advice to people wanting to model or design underwear is to…just dive in! After graduating from Michigan State University, I moved to NYC with $300 in my pocket.

The sexiest underwear people like on me is…no underwear at all! If I had to pick one pair, it would most likely be an ultra-thin white brief… soaked in water, ha ha.

My education…comes first. To be completely honest, modeling and the line have been a secondary concern next to my education. Fortunately, my business strategies kept my head above water over the last four years. 

To read the rest of the interview, head on over to The Underwear Expert.

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Feb 26 2014
You Can Never Go Back To California: Check Out Steve Grand's Third Single & Video Comments (0)

Steve-Grand-Back-to-CaliforniaI related to this video even more than falling in love with a straight boy.

Steve Grand's third song, the slow-burning grower "Back to California," is a sonic stroll down memory lane, a melancholy meditation on the nature of friendship. The friendship is illustrated in the music video by younger versions of the character Steve's playing as well as of the female playing his friend, and this inclusion of a woman has led some to suggest the song is about bisexuality. One commenter asked Steve, "So are you straight now?" Sigh.

Back-to-CaliforniaThe casting of the young version of Steve's character is painfully perfect.

The video and song are straightforward snapshots of the type of intense—then not-so-very-intense—bond that most of us experienced with someone (for gay boys, it's often with a straight girl) in high school, and how that bond weathers the ensuing 10 or more years. Directed by Jason Knade, the video is another sophisticated, visually stylish picture postcard, one that ends with Steve humbly asking for you to support his Kickstarter campaign.

Did I mention that he raised nearly the entire $81,000 he was seeking for his album in a single day? By the time you read this, it's very likely he will have blown past that goal. Kid is doing something right.

Oh, and Larry King is a fan.

"Back to California" music video after the jump...

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81 Grand Comments (0)


Steve Grand has launched a Kickstarter to fund his first full-length album, All-American Boy. Rush to throw your dollars at him, because while he is looking for the princely sum of $81,000, it looks like he's well on his way—it jumped from $15,000 to $16,000+ just while I was typing this!

For a refresher course on how talented he is, check him out at the Hilton last year, and/or read my book-length interview.

Feb 24 2014
Me, (212)!: My Interview With Kenneth M. Walsh Comments (0)


Please do me a favor and check out my lengthy Q&A with my buddy and your second-favorite self-absorbed blogger, Kenneth M. Walsh, over at Queerty upon the occasion of the publication of his witty, insightful, honest-'til-it-hurts memoir, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? (Magnus, $19.99)

Kenneth-walsh-matthew-rettenmundIn happier times

He's an interesting guy, even more so in book-length than in the space of a post.

Feb 14 2014
Signs Of The Times Comments (0)