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Mar 16 2014
Instagratification: 9 Hot Men Burning Up Instagram With Their Bods Comments (0)

Rory-Max-Kaplan-grinCute to the (Rory) Max!

It's time for the third installment of "Instagratification" (first one here, second one here), wherein I round up some of the hottest quasi-celebs and should-be-famous totties revealing their bodies and all aspects of their beauty on social media, especially on pic-happy Instagram.

I follow so many people (not all of them strictly because they're pretty—give me some credit) that I'm frequently surprised to fall for a model and then discover that I'm already following his Instagram. So if there is anyone you think should be spotlighted in these features on BoyCulture, please, by all means, let me know—you can find me on Facebook here or here, and/or on Twitter, and/or on YouTube.

Diogo-inkThat name tattoo acts like the human version of micro-chipping—no way to lose him!

Get ready for some annoyingly perfect beauty, and don't forget to follow my own Instagram if you aren't already...

Alex-MinskySomething actually does beat a great pair of legs.

Alex Minsky

The celebrated undergear model who came to the field after losing a leg while in the Marines has a a body—and an Instagram—that just won't quit. An inspiration to anyone facing physical adversity, this perfect specimen has an impish playfulness (and a "DON'T LAUGH" tattoo over his not-so-privates...who does that???) that has made his fans fall head over heel in love.

Alex-Minsky-underwearHe first came to national prominence thanks to the snaps of Michael Stokes, so for that we owe the artsy shooter a huge, or at least above-average, debt of gratitude.

If you're one of those guys who is completely turned off by tattooing, Alex is not the one for you; he seems hellbent on covering every square inch of his statue-like bod with ink. I've never had strong feelings either way regarding tattoos, but I think he looks stunning, a walking work of art.

244777-524837266ff02Choking back laughter

Alex is a reminder that perfection comes in different packages, and that if you don't have the body you want, it might be because you're not trying hard enough. (Although if the body you want is his, not having it might be because he's not gay, but seems used to gay guys hitting on him.)



Broderick Hunter

If you can look past some Biblical tweets (I'm not Christian-shaming here, I'm just saying that lusting after a hot, nearly-naked body and then seeing a quote from Proverbs don't always mix), Broderick Hunter is one of the handsomest guys on Instagram. He has a sweetness in his expression that he can easily banish if he needs to throw on that male-model glare, his skin looks like it was carefully applied with special effects (but wasn't) and he has the body of death.

\Judging from his Instagram, he's a social butterfly, posting lots of shots of him out and about and posing with friends. But though there is something to be said for photos of models with other models, I prefer his solo snaps.

His Twitter is more mixed, with messages like, "Social media is runing lives" alongside, "Pretty don't make you perfect."

So he's humble. And looks good in underwear.


Diogo de Castro Gomes

This striking model in possession of no working familiarity with body fat is another ink fanatic, but I think—like his shirt—Diogo de Castro Gomes pulls it off satisfyingly.

In-between unbelievably beautiful portraits by every horny photographer of the day, Gomes peppers his Instagram with ironic pop-culture pics—Yvonne de Carlo-Munster, Lucy & Viv, several pithy sayings. But you won't be left wondering "where's the beef?" for very long, as every second or third image provides it, Grade-A.



Saville Dorfman

In case you were wondering if Diogo, above, were taken, he is—by Saville Dorfman. Or maybe Saville is taken by Diogo. Or maybe they take turns? No matter, this line of thinking brings us to another beauty who is owning social media with his physicality.

Saville-Dorfman-InstagramNarcissus did this with a pool of water, but Saville has a better excuse.

This successful model (he and his lover have been photographed making out by Bruce Weber...suffer!) has an exceedingly stylish Instagram, which mixes artful selfies with high-fashion images from his career, cute (but expertly curated) personal shots and, of course, lots of portraits of his better half.



Rory-Max-KaplanRory Max Kaplan

My new crush, Rory Max Kaplan, will by March 23 be wrapped from a stint as one of the leads in Andy Halliday's crazysillycool Nothing But Trash Off-Broadway, proving that there really is something other than trash Off-Broadway. As a '60s homo spreading his wings, this inexcusably straight-in-real-life boy is inspiring, charming and, to quote a very wise theater critic, "a star," giving new life to leather fantasies everywhere.

Guitar-Rory-Max-KaplanHis Instagram is like a bag of Halloween candy from a neighborhood which is half filled with old people; there are full-sized candy bars in there (like his dreamy guitar-hero selfies), but also a lot of random stuff, the equivalent of apples (luckily, no razor blades). But Rory's got such matinee-idol looks, perhaps if we follow him and refrain from making any sudden moves, he'll gift us with more goodies, like the too-adorable, shirtless-playing-with-dog video snippet above.

All kidding aside, he's going places, and should continue to be awfully fun to look at while en route, so give him a peek.


Nick-BatemanAbs-olutely fabs-ulous

Nick-Bateman-male-model-absNick Bateman

The aptly-named Nick Bateman (whose pictures make you wanna 'bate, man) has such a cute, cheerful smile in his snapshots, but can make the necessary adjustments to radiate "stud," too, whether via an expression (he's a Wilhelmina pro) or by forgetting to shave for a bit.

Oh, and he's pretty mobile:

I like Nick's Instagram because it feels fun and light without that air, so common among walking slabs of perfection, of attempted intimidation. He exudes a joy of life, and he'll help you enjoy yours, if seeing ridiculous ab structure doesn't drive you straight into a Dunkin' Donuts hole.


Lando-modelSocial me-me-me!-dia

Landon Falgoust

Landon has an edgier kind of Instagram, in which he likes to show off his leaner-and-meaner-than-ever frame (check earlier, softer Landon at left), his sharp-as-a-tack features and his propensity for smoking. There's a nude to greet you (keep in mind he's named his Instagram alter-ego "Lando Commando"), but also many images of him in ads he's shot for various luxury brands. He's even, apparently, capable of doing a human flag from a palm tree. So, the old saying, "Move along, nothing to see here" does not apply.

Landon has a real sensuality and a real hold over the camera. He's not a flat, pretty model; his looks have a depth that's rawer than the latest Michael Lucas convert's performance.

And the bitch can dance:

He sorta reminds me of a darker William Levy in some of his shots. But no matter what you think of him, you'll enjoy the browsing.


Markus-Riva-shirtlessAnd to think, some people claim to be annoyed by the selfie trend.

Markus Riva

The exquisitely handsome Markus Riva is the only non-model here. Well, he's definitely a model if there is a camera anywhere around, but he's primarily a pop artist and DJ. Oh, everyone's a popstar, right? No, for real:

Markus has the voice of an angel and the Instagram of a little devil, populated mostly with images of his mega-watt smile and slender bod. Oh, and the occasional bulge:

Markus-Riva-bonerDangerous curves

Make sure to look out for the pic where he's holding his pussy. It's a gray cat, man, don't be like that.


Simon-Curtis-photoOne of Simon's own shots, of Jordie Caskey

Simon Curtis

And last, but not least, speaking of popstars: Simon Curtis is a bona fide popstar, one whose albums have attracted the attention of Billboard for their innumerable downloads. His musical work is sharp and witty and conceptual, many levels above the pop divas for whom he graciously fanboys. Listen up: First album, second.

Simon-Curtis-Tyler-ShieldsOne of Tyler Shields's killer shots of Simon from his album packaging art.

Simon-CurtisBut like almost all popstars need to be, Simon—a pal of mine from way back—is also purdy. His Instagram is a real treat because not only do you get to gaze upon his cuteness, you also get glimpses of his obnoxiously attractive acquaintances, whether male, female or male the photogenic Jordie Caskey (featured in my last Instagratification).

Simon has branched out into photography. Good thing he doesn't know anyone the camera doesn't lurve.


Got any suggestions for who I should add to this list? I'm especially interested in any guys of color and/or beefy/hairy guys who have active Instagrams, Facebooks and/or Twitters that offer their fans glimpses of how the upper 1% hotties live.


Let me know!