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May 18 2014
Boy Culture Original: HOUSE CALLS Comments (0)
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In the gallery above: His assets are for hire, and they just won't quit.

So I'm not Quick Draw McGraw when it comes to my photography hobby; my first-ever shoot was in September of last year, and I'm just getting around to editing it properly now.

House-calls copy

Here's what I think:

I'm very happy with some of the shots, satisfied with others and like the overall vibe, which is definitely what I was going for.

In the future, though I personally like realism more than fantastically Photoshopped perfection (I like zits and freckles and creases and stubble), I'll probably get more into post-production. Though I do like my juiced-up Jersey boys as orange as they wanna be.

But here is the first one. Oh, except it's the clean version. To see more, you'll wanna take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of the original, uncensored series. (Work Unfriendly)

If you have a photo/hot guy blog and are interested in using images, they're fine to use with their watermarks, and I appreciate a link. I'm open to providing exclusive outtakes and/or might be willing to debut shoots on other blogs if it feels like a match and the timing is right.