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May 04 2014
V. Is For Vapid Comments (0)


You can feel Barbara Walters's frustration at having to interview someone as bone-rattlingly stupid as V. Stiviano. Yes, she's crazy like a fox in that she is getting big bucks from Donald Sterling for what appears to be very little work (where can I apply to be someone's “silly rabbit”?), but she's still in La-La Land, expecting anyone on earth to believe she isn't a side piece of some sort. She actually sort of laughs when saying it's a misconception that she's a whore. Laughs.

She also, imbecile that she is, claims Donald Sterling isn't a racist because of his actions, saying he's of a different generation.

“He's of a different generation” is what we say of old people we love, but who are racists. Look, if you don't want black people in your box at a game, you're racist. You may not be a card-carrying member of the KKK, but give me a break. The man seems to like black people he can fuck or fuck out of rent money or put to work making him millions, so he's not black-phobic. But he still has exhibited racist behavior.

People will not accept anything as racist anymore. People are so upset by accusations of racism, they're now actually rejecting almost anyone as a racist. Sterling paid the price—which is rare—but there's already a backlash about how his privacy was invaded (not true; he knew he was being recorded). Why can't people just enjoy the fact that a brutish, racist slumlord who is a billionaire got taken down a few notches? Are they that scared of the possibility that they themselves will one day have to apologize for an errant racist remark or thought?

Anyway, this interview reeks of Stiviano's vapidity. It's hard to watch. Luckily, it's short.