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Jun 26 2014
10 Hottest Gay Stars By Hot Or Not Users Comments (0)

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Hot Or Not (a fun site I frankly didn't realize was still around!) apparently quizzed its users on the hottest gay celebs and came up with a rather diverse, gender-egalitarian list.

One thing that caught my eye: The highest-ranking guy in the Top 10 isn't even officially out—Jonathan Bennett, a long-time crush of mine. Oh, and Chris Colfer is hotter than Matt Bomer, so try and remember that.

Full list after the jump...

(1) Kristanna Loken

(2) Amanda Leigh Dunn

(3) Jonathan Bennett

(4) Chris Colfer

(5) Matt Bomer

(6) Jim Parsons

(7) Kim Stolz

(8) Tom Daley

(9) Portia de Rossi

(10) Matt Dallas

I'd never heard of any of the girls, save for Mrs. DeGeneres! P.S. The site should get risky and do a 10 Nottest Gay Stars.