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Jun 18 2014
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Clutter11x17Poster2Interview with Carol Kane over at IndieWire

Boy, is this movie ever up my alley: Clutter, award-bait on the indie circuit, was directed by Diane Crespo and written and produced by Paul Marcarelli (better known to you as the “can you hear me now?” Verizon guy). Starring Carol Kane as a hoarder and Natasha Lyonne, Halley Feiffer and Joshua Leonard as her children.

Carol-Kane“Everyone is buried under something.”

It's described as follows:

“Charlie Bradford (Joshua Leonard), an unemployed artist and filmmaker in his 30s, is doing the best he can to both distance himself from the chaos of his childhood home and make sense out of a complicated relationship with his roommate (Maria Dizzia). But his eccentric mother Natasha-LyonneLinda (Carol Kane), a compulsive hoarder who suffers from depression punctuated by spells of manic consumption, has a tendency to keep the people and things she loves close at hand. Charlie’s sister Lisa (Natasha Lyonne) has never left the family home, and after a series of arrests for bad checks and shoplifting, she has settled into bitter complacency as a home health care aid to the sick and dying. Also still living at home, Charlie’s younger sister Penny (Halley Feiffer) is trying to overcome her agonizing shyness, starting a career as a home stager in a beleaguered real estate market with the help of the put-upon son (Daniel London) of an opportunistic real estate developer (Dan Hedaya). When a water stain on the family’s garage door is interpreted as an apparition of the Blessed Virgin, the house attracts the unwanted attention of the county health department, which gives the Bradfords a week to clean up their act or lose their home. As the family attempts to clear its clutter, long-buried resentment and grief begin to surface, forcing each of them to face what it is they value most in life.”

The film is available now on Cable VOD, iTunes and Amazon. Trailer after the jump...