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Jul 31 2014
Blowing On The Dice: A Lucky Visit To The Adonis Lounge In Vegas Comments (0)
  IMG_8851 Jaxton Wheeler IMG_8845 Jaxton Wheeler IMG_8848 Jaxton Wheeler IMG_8858 Jaxton Wheeler IMG_9012 stripper IMG_9017 TOmmy-stripper IMG_9016 stripper Tommy IMG_9009 Tommy-stripper IMG_9007 stripper Tommy IMG_8930 hot black stripper
IMG_8924 hot black stripper IMG_8926 stripper IMG_8965 Angel stripper IMG_8963 Angel stripper IMG_8962 Angel stripper IMG_8960 Angel stripper IMG_8958 Angel stripper IMG_8957 Angel-stripper IMG_8956 Angel-stripper IMG_8950 Angel stripper IMG_8903 Angel-stripper IMG_8904 Angel stripper IMG_8908 Angel stripper IMG_8871 Max IMG_8872 Max IMG_8877 Max IMG_8827 stripper IMG_8829 Chip-Jamie IMG_8836 Brazilian-stripper IMG_8861 Jorge IMG_8866 Jorge IMG_8881 Justin stripper IMG_8882 Justin Stripper IMG_8884 Justin-stripper IMG_8885 stripper Justin IMG_8892 Justin stripper IMG_8937 Brendan stripper IMG_8939 Brendan stripper IMG_8942 Brendan stripper IMG_8946 Brendan stripper

Adonis-lounge-las-vegas-m4m-gay-strip-clubI spent last weekend in Vegas, which was not good. I am really into slot machines, and I often win...but then can not walk away. For example, I was up by $300 after boldly trying a $20/per Wheel of Fortune game and getting to spin the wheel on my first try, then promptly lost all of that and much, much, much more. (One little, normal, not-very-rich-looking guy who said hi to me on Grindr was down $3,000!)

IMG_8906 Angel stripperPush it real good.

IMG_8776 strippers

IMG_8809 Tommy-muscle-stripperFace-man Tommy primps

IMG_8971 Chip Jamie stripperChip Tanner aka Jamie Stroud is a well-balanced meal.

IMG_8994 Jamie Chip stripperChip (Tanner) off the old block: All three Adonis bosses

IMG_8808 shirtless bartenderThankfully, the bartender didn't do lap dances—he'd have cleaned me out faster than the slots!

But I went for the pleasures of the flesh, not for the coin: I was invited to cover the opening of The Adonis Lounge in Sin City. The (in)famous male-for-male strip club, which is feeding boners in L.A. and in New York already, opened at Share, a perfect venue for

IMG_8818 Xavier-muscleXavier, Adonis Vegas Manager, told me his mommy was there to support him and ogle all the big muscle in the house!

It was a hot night (over 100 degrees), one that drew lots and lots of locals and tourists eager to try throwing their money at some three-legged bandits.

IMG_9021 AdonisXavier with Adonis Lounge kingpin Tim de Iturriaga

IMG_9028 AdonisXavier, Matt de Iturriaga & his bro Tim, soaking up the red-carpet adulation

IMG_8981 Adonis muscle guysBrawn shop

IMG_9033 AdonisYou've heard of the Brothers Karamazov? These are the Brothers Takeyourclothesoff.

I was really impressed with how cute and buff the boys are at Adonis Vegas, and they were friendly as hell. I'll have fun video interviews with them (similar to this one and this one) soon.

Until then, let's take a photo tour of the hottest of the hot dancers:

IMG_8954 Angel-stripper


IMG_8951 Angel stripperWhen Angel showed up, he had a total Clark Kent look, adorkable in glasses and with his hair straight forward. He did some push-ups and then the hair went back and the glasses came off, and it was like Mexican “Superman.”

Along with being handsome and having a great body (you should see his before pic...he has transformed from very overweight to how-much-do-I-gotta-pay-to-touch-your-butt? in just one year, Angel was really deadpan-funny. And if you look in the gallery above, you'll get a better idea of how much hard work his G-string was doing.

IMG_8875 Max


IMG_8880 MaxBefore I even arrived, I met Max; he was part of the group that went out to eat first. Max being a pro bodybuilder and stripper, we of course ate at a place called Protein House owned by Zeb Atlas (yummy...the food and Zeb Atlas) and his girlfriend.

Max is gigantic, but told me he used to be half his weight and would get teased by girls, prompting his drive to get bigger and bigger. He was a sweetheart, and spent some of his down time casually chatting up a female go-go dancer from Share—we shared their dressing room. I can guarantee you she did not tease him about being a 98-pound weakling.

IMG_8889 Justin stripper


I didn't get to interact too much with this YouTube flexer, but Justin was very nice and had a sly way of answering his questions. When I touched his back to bring him over, I felt the stubble that told me he could just as easy morph into a ginger bear as he could be a wall of smooth muscle. He has a great attitude to match his great butt.

IMG_9010 stripper-muscle

One of the busiest dancers all night was Tommy, a blond stud who had some seriously skillful bump-and-grind moves (the lap dance area was tucked away, but not so far that a little overt spying wasn't unavoidable). He's got that Hollywood look and a fixed stare that works like a spider's web does on flies.

IMG_9013 Tommy stripper

In the interviews, I asked all the guys—the vast majority of whom ID as straight—which fellow dancer they'd get sexual with if they had to choose. Most copped out, but Tommy picked one quickly, then later wanted to know, “Did anyone pick me?”

Out of the mouths of total babes.

IMG_8846 Jaxton Wheeler


IMG_8850 Jaxton WheelerPornstar Jaxton and I have to stop meeting like this or people will start to talk! This walking Greek statue (only his hot fur would keep him from being stolen by the British for one of their museums) is a total pro—he was fun to talk to, a cut-up, did a hilarious final striptease and worked the room both hard and successfully.

One of the other dancers commented on his movie-star presence. I don't think it was the first time he's heard that.

IMG_8869 Jorge


IMG_8859 JorgeConsider me a Jorge-monger, because this supercute guy with an ass that not only won't quit but is probably unionized so can't be fired, really stole my...let's go with heart. Jorge is bubbly and funny, and being openly gay, he's someone you could imagine going to the club with or even (gasp!) having homosex with, unlike all the straight boys in the room.

Jorge admitted (on video) his passionate crush for one of his bosses, which I found really touching. But let's get back to the booty—if he wore a regular jockstrap, you'd only see the pouch. You'll see once I post the video. Great dancer, too.

IMG_8902 Aaron-stripper

Adult man Aaron was a favorite because he has the gift of flirtation. He was the smart one who started his video with me with a compliment, the type of dude you'd want to keep away from your mom or she'd get a swollen head in 10 minutes.

Aaron's greatest (in the size sense) attribute was very evident and was, like a good man, hard to keep down all night long. If you don't mind a (Work Unfriendly) peek, click here. A real charmer with a real snake in his pants.

IMG_8927 hot black stripper


This self-proclaimed shy guy was so not wanting to answer my questions on video, then warmed up and answered everything good-naturedly. Being from Brazil, he didn't quite get it when I asked him a question that started with, “If you had a gun to your head...”

Johnny kept smiling and laughing and, it turns out, kept dancing all night, too.

IMG_8938 stripper Brendan


All-American Brendan cracked me up, he was so serious. The funniest thing was when I was supposed to film him dancing on the box and I asked if I could and he was like, “Absolutely not.” He later apologized, but as many straight boys will tell you, he's just not confident in his dance moves.

I'm assuming he's confident in his other moves, because he seemed quite popular.

IMG_8824 Chip-Jamie


IMG_8821 Chip JamieI had corresponded with Jamie after I posted his viral Vine, telling him I had to shoot him if I ever got to Vegas. He remembered, but time was not on my side. Still, I got to snap some informal pictures of him, and got to watch him flaunt his acrobatic skills, including one-handed handstands and various other gravity-provoking feats.

Jamie talked about his YouTube channel (go check it out) and how he went from allowing only 69 friends on his Facebook page to taking social media much more seriously. A student of sexuality, one thing he doesn't take too seriously is himself—he ended the night doing side-by-side poses with Big Max, who's over twice his size.

IMG_8835 Brazilian stripper


Tim loved Raffi's gay terrorist outfit, and Raffi loved that it was loved. I mean, it's got a hood, but no sides, and the shorts were see-through. Raffi told me he's straight and has a girlfriend, but I felt like his junk might be seeing other people.

IMG_8998 Jamie-Chip-Stripper

IMG_8975 Chip Jamie stripperTHE END!

More of each guy in the gallery at the top of this post.

Visit The Adonis Lounge in L.A., Los Vegas or New York City.