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Aug 30 2014
Rufus Wainwrong Comments (0)


Rufus Wainwright joins Rupert Everett and Dolce & Gabbana as a gay person who can be relied upon to say really retrograde, anti-gay things in the media without a care in the world for how it affects gay people in general.

Wainwright gave an interview in which he said he couldn't be trusted to raise a son because when the son is 35 and gorgeous and looking like Rufus (um...?), he'd be in love with him. Great. Very progressive. Also, it's not an example of an un-PC truth being spoken, it's pretty out-there.

He also, of course, dislikes his gay fans and thinks gay men have bad taste in music. Which they don't, because (1) not all gay men have the same taste in music and, (2) just because Rufus dislikes something doesn't mean it's actually terrible. It's pretty rich that a dude obsessed with Judy Garland, probably the most overdone gay stereotype of all time (but if you like her as I do, you should never shy away just because other gay men are threatened by it), would carp about gay men's stereotypical tastes in music. I'm sure he's thinking of disco and the like.

No lynch mob needed, just...what a snob.