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Aug 08 2014
Gotta Hand It To Her: Madame Returns! Comments (0)


Looks like Madame, the outrageous puppet who owned the '70s, is about to make a comeback (minus Wayland Flowers, who died of AIDS in 1988).

From a press release:

Waylandflowers3Everybody LOVES  Madame!  That sassy, outspoken but loveable “old broad” is making a HUGE COMEBACK and  she is calling on all of her old friends, past co-stars, co-hosts, co-workers and especially her “frenimies” to help spread the word on the CROWDFUNDING Campaign that will help bring back one of the most celebrated and beloved celebrities of all times.   The Campaign OFFICALLY launches 1 September 2014, but we are reaching out now to fans and friends to  gear up and  help make this VIRAL via TWITTER, FACBOOK, VINE & INSTAGRAM on 1 September. Madame is also in the process of booking LIMITED radio and TV (traditional and new media) chat shows along with her manager Marlena Shell (formerly Wayland Flowers manager and owner of the rights to Madame) When tweeting, etc we'd love the usage of #EverybodyLovesMadame
Stay tuned, and I'll post the link once the crowdfunding post goes live September 1!