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Aug 27 2014
The Recline Of Western Civilization Comments (0)

This is one of those stories bound to be talked about forever and ever, until a major terrorist event derails it:

A man brought a device onto a plane that is meant to disallow the person in front of you from reclining. I
would guess it's popular with laptop users. When she realized what he'd done, the passenger in front of him got a flight attendant to intervene. The flight attendant asked him to remove it—and he said no. Then, the woman who could not recline got up and threw water on him.

Guess which pair of imbeciles caused the flight to be diverted?

My thoughts:

I hate when people recline. But it's an amenity offered by the airline, so you're absolutely out of your mind if you bring a device on to the place to disable that amenity. Instead, just politely ask the person not to recline—and then just as politely accept whatever their decision is.

The fact that the guy refused a flight attendant's request proves he's psycho.

The fact that the other passenger randomly threw water on him proves she's psycho.

I would ban both of them from the airline for life, and if I were him, I'd sue the lady for assault.

But both are stupid.

Or do you think I'm flying off half-cocked here?