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Sep 02 2014
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper: Jim Parsons On ADWEEK Comments (0)


Jim Parsons covers Adweek, which proclaims him to be America's favorite nerd. I think Parsons, unlike previous favorite nerds like Bob Denver and Jaleel White, has a strong career ahead of him.

Jimparsons-hed-01-2014Looking like a hotter Anthony Perkins, yet another famous so-called “nerd”

In the feature, he speaks about his character from Big Bang Theory, in a way that seems to imply that Sheldon is gay. I always thought “Sheldon”'s sexuality was indeterminate:

“Being part of that community, one of the things I’ve always said is that it’s nice when you see gay characters as normal people; what’s even better is when it’s not even worth remarking about. This is who this person is; he’s just another human.”

Interesting! Read more here.