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Sep 03 2014
Madonna's Next Album Not Coming This Year? Comments (0)

I have an industry source who is skeptical (to say the least) of the speculation that Madonna's about to drop her new album. He tells me:

“It’s not coming out this year - if there was to be a 2014 release, sales sheet and other trade information would have already started circulating, unless it was to come out just before Xmas, which is unacceptable in European markets, where she is still a strong seller. She is not finished yet, so the plan is a spring 2015 release, much likely matched with tour ticket sales opening / announcement.  She has written and demoed several songs with different teams and is still recording the final dozen or so. Then there is mixing, which as usual she monitors in person. No Madonna album has ever been released without having it mastered and handed to the label 2 months prior to street date, which is the time she usually takes to focus on videos, advance promo, long lead press, photo shoots. Hence, we would by now have clear evidence of a fall release, if there was to be one. At the same time her strategy is to lead the game and she leaks info herself directly through Instagram, teasing with song titles, small clips, photos and quotes, so she can (try to) control it, but the recent info leak on song titles and detailed contents was absolutely not planned.”