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Oct 09 2014
Coming Out Of My Ass Comments (0)


Jack'd, the gay dating app, conducted some research into its users' opinions on National Coming Out Day...and the results were a bit surprising: One-third of the young horndogs had never even heard of it!

Still, 59% said they thought it was an important day 26 years into its existence, and here are a few of the reasons why...

* To feel the support of people and know you aren’t alone

* A way to raise awareness if the multiple issues homophobia causes. Knowing that other people are still “coming out” helps people feel less along

* It creates a safe space for people to talk about sexuality, and to encourage others to come out

* People can come out any day of the week, but making a special day for it may be what some people need to give them a little push and…COME OUT! (sic)

* It brings a national spotlight to the difficulties gay youth face in America and globally too, this is especially needed in a time when people are being killed for being gay around the world