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Oct 15 2014
The Geeky Get Freaky: New York Comic Con's Hottest Guys! Comments (0)
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In the gallery above, 50 shots of geeks to make you leak

I got into New York Comic Con free two years in a row, but had so much fun I couldn't resist buying my way in this year (Friday) and begging a sweet friend of a friend for his pass when he was done with it (Sunday).               KEEP READING FOR TONS OF PICTURES!

Biceps-Comic-ConThis dude is always a favorite poser—he's armed and dangerous!

Biceps-Comic-Con-guysThese dudes were curious what the pics are for...should I have said monkey-spanking material?

Extreme-muscles-Comic-ConDude, you look Photoshopped!

Comic-ConUm, Sir...?

Cute-dude-Comic-ConLove how the deep-focus came out on his eye...

Oprah-Comic-ConThe Gospel According to Oprah

Orange-is-the-New-Comic-ConKISS ME, KATE: I couldn't believe a group of girls could randomly look so much like the OITNB cast!

Sexy-Joker-Comic-ConNice legs—and that's no joke!

Sexy-Superman-Comic-ConBlue steel

Shirtless-smooth-dude-Comic-ConPosed, and disassembling

I'm not a big fan of science fiction, horror or fantasy, but I definitely appreciate them all to varying degrees, and there's no denying the mirth and goodwill permeating the air at Comic Con—these fans are all so happy to be there, to be amongst like-minded geeks and, in some cases, to be boning up while showing off in their tightest superhero gear, that I literally couldn't imagine getting into a disagreement with anyone there.

Star-Trek-hot-Comic-ConSo much cuter than the real Kirk

Threesome-Comic-Con Threesome-Comic-Con2It's important to have a costume that's way-cool coming...and going.

Underarms-Comic-Con-smile Underarms-Comic-ConI think I like him with and without the wig.

Comic-Con-assIt's a little disturbing to see all the fake weaponry...makes you wonder how secure the place is!

Superheros-Comic-ConMaybe spandex proves intelligently gay design?

Shirtless-Comic-Con-characterThese fans are always ready to give the exact right pose.

Nipples-Comic-ConNotice his light-up nips!

Ethnic-Batman-and-RobinThe men behind the masks

Hot-character-underwear-Comic-ConI can definitely get behind this outfit!

Joker-Comic-ConSmile, though I'm breaking your heart...

Zombies-Comic-ConOne of my best snaps, I think, was of these walking dead.

Elaborate-Comic-ConTook him 5 minutes to get back into gear for this photo op!

After stalking him for two years, I had previously met up with artist Aedan Roberts, whose sexy “Finn” is always the talk of the gathering. He gave me some great poses in-between being mobbed by fanboys; one little creeper looked Aedan dead in the eye, winked and muttered, Nice ass... A boy after my own heart!





Sexy-Finn-4Aedan's “Finn” could make a comic nerd out of any red-blooded homo.

Check out the gallery for 50 great shots from my time there, mostly cute boys.

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