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Nov 17 2014
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The latest incarnation of “Do They Know It's Christmas?” is here, featuring everyone from One Direction to Seal to Bono and Sinéad O'Connor (whose voice I don't even recognize)...

I don't think this one sounds good at all. It's for a great cause, so good on them. But boy, has this song jumped the shark. Would be great to write a new tune instead of adapting the old one with new lyrics every few years.

The new lyrics:

It's Christmas time, and there's no need to be afraid

At Christmas time, we let in light and banish shade

And in our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy

Throw your arms around the world 

At Christmas time

But say a prayer, pray for the other ones

At Christmas time, it's hard but while you're having fun

There's a world outside your window, and it's a world of dread and fear 

Where a kiss of love can kill you, and there's death in every tear

And the Christmas bells that ring there are the clanging chimes of doom 

Well tonight we're reaching out and touching you

No peace and joy this Christmas in West Africa

The only hope they'll have is being alive

Where to comfort is to fear

Where to touch is to be scared

How can they know it's Christmas time at all

Here's to you

Raise a glass to everyone

And here's to them

And all their years to come

Let them know it's Christmas time after all

Feed the world, let them know it's Christmas time again

Feel the world, let them know it's Christmas time again

Heal the world, let them know it's Christmas time again

Here is the 1984 original—God, has Sting ever been prettier?—which in spite of some culturally and otherwise cringe-worthy missteps (should you really thank God other people are suffering???)  is still a joy to listen to with inspired vocals, much as “We Are the World” remains an interesting if less seamless collection of classic vocals: