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Dec 04 2014
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BraceletI know what you're thinking, but it's a bracelet!

If you're looking for a place to get chic holiday gifts for a guy who has great taste and for whom it's impossible to buy, check out Think Positive. (Or a gift card if he's beyond impossible to satisfy.)

Think Positive

The business is the creation of sexy life coach Antonio Marsocci (pictured), who recently completely revamped the site.

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“As the brainchild of a highly accredited world famous life and business coach, Think Positive’s creator Antonio Marsocci understands how important it is to keep things suitably stylish hence the site’s eye-catching revamp. After three years in booming business, ‘Think Positive’ has undergone a dramatically transformative refurbish to reflect Antonio’s passion for fashion. Antonio’s slinky, sassy and ultra stylish jewellery range is ideally suited to absolutely every demographic imaginable so that all genders, ages, tastes and lifestyles can be suitably catered to with gorgeous jewellery to die for.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.17.43 PM copy Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.17.43 PM“Forged from stunning silver, each authentic item operates as a timeless gift so that you can present a loved one with a sentimental charm bracelet to accumulate life’s milestones, or an impressive set of keepsake cufflinks. Think Positive’s stunning new site creates a strikingly dramatic effect with a crystalline backdrop that looks like rain drops dappling the water’s surface. Naturally, the wellbeing guru is drawing attention to his brand’s ethos of positive thinking garnered from his years as a life and business coach.

“We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but silver is the ideal, eternal accompaniment for everyone. If you’re longing for a polished, refined elegance that lends itself perfectly to a sophisticated charm bracelet ideal for everyday wear, then Antonio’s range of luxurious, decadent silver is perfect for you and your loved ones.

“Breath-taking bracelets, elongated, intricate necklaces, striking earrings and remarkable rings also pack their own allure and are ideal for special occasions or just to feel decadent during the day. A large part of the ethos of positive thinking is centred on the use of totems and emblems to create a powerfully positive influence over the wearer.  Whether it’s a symbol of enduring religious significance or a gift from a loved one that speaks of unswerving devotion, jaw dropping authentically all-Italian jewellery is Antonio’s order of the day.

“To create a website that reflects the crystalline clarity of his jewellery range and his glass half-full ethos, Antonio plumbed for an uplifting renovation that has increased the user friendly accessibility of ‘Think Positive’. By adding on a gift ideas section, optimised search function, enhanced photographic zoom so that clients can get a real good look at the clarity and quality on offer, sorting preferences and an improved check-out process, Antonio has streamlined the entire process and made ‘Think Positive’ a joy on the eyes.

“For starters, Antonio showcases his striking existing collection as well as debuting show-stopping gorgeous sterling silver jewellery items every month. Regular visitors can also check out Antonio’s weekly blog where they can familiarise themselves with the enviable properties of sterling silver, learn more about the'Think Positive’ brand and let themselves be inspired and motivated by Antonio’s thriving life philosophies.

“The simplicity of the site is that it utilises a bold white and striking silver combination that keeps things fresh, clear and easy to locate so that users seeking out a silver ring or stunning sterling earrings for a special occasion know exactly where to look. The site’s authentic Italian style and wares captures everything that’s invigorating about Italy; the classic, enduring sense of glamorous, gorgeous style that’s always bang on trend. The days are getting darker; the nights are drawing in and under the cloak of darkness, what better way to stand out than with sumptuous silver adorning your ears, throat or wrist? We can’t really think of anything better to tide us through those wistful winter nights.