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Jan 02 2015
#burningcrosses: Unfollowing Madonna On Instagram Is The New Selma! Comments (0)

After having the temerity to re-post fan-made images showing Bob Marley (okay), Nelson Mandela (WTF?) and Martin Luther King Jr. (Oh, my Oprah Winfrey!!!) in a Rebel Heart motif and expressing her admiration for them, Madonna was promptly destroyed on social media by black people and their ardent defenders who felt Madonna was inappropriately appropriating (inappropriating?) these men for her own commercial purposes.

As usual, the really interesting part wasn't in trying to suss about Madonna's motives, because anyone with a sense of fairness and a working brain could tell what she was going for even if it would be perfectly fair to question whether she achieved it; the really interesting part was reading the logic.

One gay guy started out very fairly, stating he felt it was offensive. He implied something about Madonna's age, but snapped back that it wasn't about her being old when I pointed that out. I didn't back down but didn't lose my cool, but before long, he was blocking me while calling me a pathetic blogger in my forties who's single and blindly devoted to his idol, a sad old woman who is irrelevant.

I'm not sure which aspect of my bio he finds more repulisve—being single, being in my forties, being a fan or blogging. I got the impression it was blogging, which, I mean, he spends his time tweeting, so...

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.09.28 PM

Anyway, it's not even worth 10 more seconds to unpack, but who's the delusional one: The gay guy (me) who is a big fan of a singer's and is critical of her when it's warranted, or the gay guy whose profile announced he's a “regular Joe,” who detests everything about Madonna and who spews all that personal hatred...all because he was so offended that Madonna was being “insensitive?” 

Nelson Mandela would be so proud of the people who scorned Madonna in ageist, sexist and BONUS POINTS racist terms over this misstep of hers. I'm sure now that she's Instagrammed that she doesn't feel she has accomplished 1/100 of what those men have accomplished, Madonna's haters will eat crow or at the very least forgive and forget.