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Jan 11 2015
Fellini Sex Icon Anita Ekberg Dies @ 83 Comments (0)

Piccit_anita_ekberg_gif_1701323599September 29, 1931—January 11, 2015

Anita Ekberg didn't become an acclaimed or versatile actress, but one thing she did was become a film icon thanks to one scene in Federico Fellini's (1920—1993) La Dolce Vita (1960)—her hedonistic dance in the Trevi Fountain is one of cinema's most enduring images.


Ekberg has died at 83 after a long illness; she broke her hip years ago (thanks to one of her playful dogs) and apparently never fully recovered.



Fellow sex kitten Mamie Van Doren, 83, remembers Ekberg on Facebook:



Van Doren is the last of Old Hollywood's '50s blonde bombshells.