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Jan 31 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Radiohead - CREEP Comments (0)


Who doesn't want a perfect body?...

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Front-Loaded: Jamie Stroud Comments (0)


Jamie Stroud demonstrates his talent...

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Drake's Cakes Comments (0)

Drake has posted a picture of Madonna, saying he wants to ride with her. Perhaps he's fishing for a duet for his next album. Or Madonna can whip one out with him for #27 on the super-duper special deluxe version of Rebel Heart!

Family Album Comments (0)


Check out the adorable results when three adult brothers set out to recreate their favorite childhood photos.

Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)


Wrestling Is Best.

Jan 30 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Blondie - END TO END Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.43.27 AM

One of my favorite latter-day Blondie songs...

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I'm Not Offended When She Dresses Like A Man... Comments (0)

Drag I'm not sure why Mary Cheney is offended when RuPaul dresses like a woman.

Drag is a lot of things, and drag shouldn't always be given a free pass (I mean, it is possible to offend while in drag, though it's hard due to the context), but drag is not blackface, not even close, Mary...

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Ri-Ri-D Comments (0)


I like Rihanna's new i-D cover (but then, I like them always). Reminded me of Madonna's, which is one of her all-time most unusual covers.