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Mar 18 2015
Iconic/Ironic: Your Gay Divas Can't Carry Your Ass Forever Comments (0)


And P.S.: She hasn't done work for D&G in years and is worth $500 million. Doubt whatever her opinion is that it's influenced by cash.

This kind of shit burns my ass. This fashion blogger I've never heard of is calling out Madonna and Kylie for daring to not immediately jump on the D&G boycott bandwagon. Look, I'm personally all for shaming D&G and for keeping my money away from them, but I'd be willing to bet a sizable % of gay people are not in favor of boycotts (because they don't think they work, because they're pro-business and/or because they think saying “free speech” means our hands are tied). And if we are going to start turning to public figures to see which ones are going to speak out, why start with gay allies? Why not go to gay people? Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen, etc. Why do the gay-icon divas have to do all the dirty work?

My guess is Madonna isn't much of a boycott girl. She would probably say they have a right to their opinion and that she disagrees with it. We'll find out, she's done like 50 interviews lately, someone will get her to speak on it.

What's ridiculous is that Madonna has been a gay icon, organically, for 30+ years. She didn't have any road map that told her she should be loudly pro-gay in the '80s, she did it because it was her reality. And now that being pro-gay is not nearly as much of a risk, and now that she's been pro-gay in thought, word and deed her entire life—along with Gaga, the woman criticized Russia IN RUSSIA not that long ago—the implication is that if she doesn't agree with a boycott, or hasn't joined it within a week,she's a money-grubbing sell-out. (Same goes for Kylie.)

Meanwhile, gay Elton John loudly demands a boycott (largely because he's personally offended by the IVF comments, not by the far more serious anti-marriage and anti-gay parenting comments) then allows himself to be seen the next day carrying a D&G bag, thus distracting from D&G's grotesque remarks.

Who is making these litmus tests? What have they done for gay rights, other than suck dick in private?

D&G are disgusting human beings for their anti-gay (gays can be anti-gay) and “synthetic children” comments, but arguments like the one implicitly offered by this fashion blogger are also synthetic, children.