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Mar 02 2015
Manning Up Comments (0)


Russell Tovey is cute and all, but he's a little bit up his own ass if he is this relieved that he didn't turn out effeminate:

“I feel like I could have been really effeminate, if I hadn’t gone to the school I went to. Where I felt like I had to toughen up. If I'd have been able to relax, prance around, sing in the street, I might be a different person now. I thank my dad for that, for not allowing me to go down that path.”

He would, indeed, be a different person. But would he be worse off? His comments are pretty annoying. I always find guys obsessed with traditional masculinity (am I masc enough???? they seem to wonder) kind of ridiculous. We're all sucking dick, so what's a flounce between friends?