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Apr 29 2015
Stayin' Alive: 3 People Born In The 1800s Known To Still Be Alive Today Comments (0)

I was just wondering if there were any people left on earth who were alive prior to midnight 1900. Turns out that as of March, there were five. Two have died in just the past month! That leaves only three supercentenarians alive today known to have been born in the 1800s.



There is also one lady who claims to be 127, but has no documents.


I think it's fascinating that two of the three are black, considering the the low % of people who are black in the parts of the world where record-keeping is up to snuff and where lifespans are not crazy-short (I couldn't imagine anyone living past 115 in Africa, unfortunately), and considering the presumption that records for people of color in the late 1800s would have to be far less reliable than they were for white people. And yet two of three are black. Interesting!



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