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Apr 25 2015
Yes, Bruce Jenner Has A Right To Be A Right-Winger ... Comments (0)


To the right-wingers crowing that liberals are intolerant:

No one is saying Bruce can't be a Republican. But Republicans are saying he can't use the women's room. It's worth pointing that out.

I'll never really understand being for people who are against you, but one interesting way to psychoanalyze it: He spent his life wanting to be a certain way but suppressing it for the sake of others and for what he saw as higher ideals (religion, family), so maybe he sees conservative politics as also being about his higher ideals at the expense of himself? And since he's rich, he doesn't have so much invested in how his party treats transgender people in general? Just a thought. It's just a very hard thing to unpack.

If 1 in 5 gay people are conservative, I really wonder what the figures are for trans people?

P.S. 17 million people watched the interview, and celebs are mostly supportive (though Wendy Williams deserves a special place in hell).