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May 29 2015
Reisner Lied: Money DID Change Hands Comments (0)

In a bit of news that should surprise absolutely no one (and yet that allegedly came as a surpise to Mati Weiderpass), Ian Reisner actually DID contribute to Ted Cruz. He gave Cruz $2,700 around the same time as his intimate fireside chat with the virulently anti-gay senator/prez candidate. Once the scandal broke and his PR woes began, Reisner cravenly asked for his money back because he feared it could be misconstrued as exactly what it was--tacit support for a notorious homophobe.

He now claims he made the donation because he was so impressed with Cruz's stance on Israel. I'm sorry, but as important as any American may think Israel is, either culturally or strategically, what's happening in America should probably matters a bit, too.

Some people have made light of the boycott (people think there's only so much outrage to go around or point out that it's unlikely to deter airheads who want their fun in the sun, or that it's unlikely to persuade smart people who just don't think boycotts work or that Reisner's action merit one), but in my opinion, it's always worth expressing your displeasure, it's always worth avoiding spending money if you think the money is going to someone who will turn around and hand it to your sworn political enemies. For me, it's not about picketing, it's about raising awareness.

It certainly can not be said that the negative vibes have had zero impact on Reisner and Weiderpass, judging by their frantic solicitation (paid? one wonders) of positive press pieces and their embarrassing hiring of Omar Sharif Jr. as their new gay liaison (imagine being gay and being so out of touch with gay issues that you need to pay another gay person to help you get along with gay people).

Is there an end result here? The end result doesn't have to be the destruction of Fire Island's businesses or the end of The Out. The end result can also, and should also, just be awareness that Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass are dishonest, they have contempt for their customers, they will spend your money on politicians who are feverishly working to disenfranchise gay people and they are not to be trusted in any capacity.