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Jun 15 2015
25 Years ... That's An Interesting Age Comments (0)


I vividly remember when Dick Tracy was released (25 years ago today) seeing it in in Chicago at the Biograph with my cheesy T-shirt announcing I'd been first in line (not literally, it was a hand-out for those who were among the first).

I think it's an underrated gem (as does Vanity Fair), but not exactly a thrill ride. Director Warren Beatty gave the movie a leisurely pace that made it feel a little stilted at times.

Madonna, who at the time had been bad in more films than she'd been good, was quite good in this one, looking and sounding fantastic and jiggling away with most of her scenes.

It made over $100 million but is still considered a flop, but it did manage to persuade a lot of fans' moms that Madonna wasn't so bad after all.