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Jun 09 2015
The Cagebird: Jason Dottley On That Anti-Gay Film Flap Comments (0)

Jason Dottley, one of the stars of Sordid Lives, is reacting to his old costar, Travis Owens, starring FOFAoHB5[1]in that new anti-gay propaganda film.

He tells Boy Culture:

“I remember Travis Owens on the set of Sordid Lives as being really nice, hung like a horse, completely pro-gay, supposedly straight (??), but you know, nice cage, no bird. The only way he could have done this specific film and it have been okay, is to have done it and then just as it’s coming out, trash everything about it and be part of its opposition.”
That would be an interesting thing for Owens to do, though it is clear that wasn't his plan going into it; he's been searching for legal advice on social media, perhaps to figure out how best to extricate himself from promotion now that the shit is hitting the gay fans.
Also, coming out against the film, while welcome, would not erase its existence. But that's probably his best course of action at this late date.
Hope he figures something out; people seem most upset by the fact that they see him as a pro-gay sweetheart, so it feels all the more like a betrayal.