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Jun 07 2015
THE GOONIES 'R' (Still) Good Enough ... 30 Years (!) Later Comments (0)

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Happy 30th birthday to The Goonies, released on this day in 1985. Gulp.

I was never as enthralled by The Goonies as my peers. I did like it, but I remember going mainly to see Cyndi Lauper (she has the briefest of cameos, singing her theme song) and then kind of forgetting about it. I was more into The Breakfast Club, thank you.

I definitely did love Josh Brolin, though ... sigh:


I did re-watch the film within the past couple of weeks. I think the problem is it's truly a kiddie movie, and I was a touch too old for it in 1985. But it's super sweet and Josh Cohen as “Chunk” really is a hoot. Too bad he retired from acting in 1991.

Who was your fave character? What was your fave scene?