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Aug 10 2015
Cher Madness Comments (0)

Sonny-cher-billboard-mag-2015-650Don't miss Keith Caulfield's amazing, career-spanning interview with Cher in Billboard. It's very dishy, including behind-the-scenes info about how “Believe” wound up sounding that way, how much she dislikes “Dark Lady” and her '70s story songs and how Doris Day's husband vowed to bury Sonny & Cher.

I found some of it reminiscent of Maximilian Schell's Marlene (1984), in which Dietrich (in her early eighties; Cher is pushin' 70) crankily dismissed much of her work as kitsch, kitsch, kitsch! The main difference is that Cher comes off as honest and non-defensive.