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Aug 10 2015
#(LGBT)BlackLivesMatter Comments (0)

All of the white progressives disgusted by that disruption of a Bernie Sanders rally by #BlackLivesMatter activists might want to re-think the knee-jerk responses: One of the women who took over the stage turns out to be a Palin-supporting radical Christian, and both have been disavowed by the actual #BlackLivesMatter organizers.

I was pretty surprised by the responses of some white progressives, along the lines of, “That's it, I'm done with #BlackLivesMatter.” It implied that racial injustice and disproportionate police violence were only concerns to them as long as black people played nice. Not a good look, progressives.

That said, that fucked-up rally takeover (for which #BlackLivesMatter has asked those rogue activists to apologize, by the way) revealed Bernie Sanders to be scarily accessible to those who would do him harm, and it sure didn't help anyone's cause.


On a related but unrelated note (because I've read some white gay people equating these issues), the uproar over Stonewall's racial representations may be premature, based as it is on a mere trailer, but there's nothing wrong with being a person of color who sees a perceived whitewashing of history, even in the form of entertainment, and raising concerns.

Gay people don't like real-life gay people to have their stories straightwashed by Hollywood, and would not put up with, “Oh, get over it, crazies.” (Oddly, that's what Larry Kramer calls people with an opinion of Stonewall's decision to depict the first brick being thrown by a white man. Wasn't Larry Kramer once a crazy we were warned not to listen to? Aren't we glad we did listen to him?)

The movie's director, writer and star (the latter of whom is a young guy, yet uses the antiquated word transvestite) have defended the heart of Stonewall, as well as saying that the actual film can't be judged by its trailer. Fair enough.

My own take on Stonewall is: I'm very interested to see it. I did kind of do a double-take when the trailer seemed to show the white male lead starting the riots, because that didn't jibe with my impression of what was thought to have really happened. So I dug around. Kramer's contention, that everyone is dead so there's no way to know what happened, is pretty sloppy. People who were there were not always dead, and they have related their stories over the years. Some of it has been debunked or at least questioned.

Regardless, I look forward to seeing Stonewall and deciding for myself, and I hope those who are skeptical of the Hollywoodization by Roland Emmerich will give it a shot before writing it off. But most of all, I really wish gay white people would not react to gay people of color's legit concerns with instant exasperation.