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Sep 15 2015
Gay Davis Comments (0)


On the one hand, I think the Internet has made it easy for people to spout opinions loudly, crassly, and to move on without any real convictions. It's made it easy to take potshots and to vilify on a dime, and of course there is a lot of really lame humor, bad writing and shallow observation.

But every once in a while, I see a meme that I think is so clever I have to marvel at the form ...

I love this Kim Davis meme so much I took half a minute to figure out who created it. Turns out it's Jasun Mark, who directs for Titan Men. He tells me the shot is from a scene he directed for Cocksure Men in 2010, featuring Bo Dean and David Dakota.

Mark continues, “Fun aside... there was a wildfire raging close by and we were racing to get that scene shot while the staff finished backing everything up, taking out drives, taking out vital paperwork and taking out any valuables we couldn't afford to lose.

“David and Bo and the crew were all coughing and there was ash in the air but we managed to finish the scene and get out pretty fast. There was no damage to the Jake Cruise ranch, but every time I see those pictures I remember the whole place smelled like a bonfire.”

Paul Harvey is dead, but now you have ... the rest of the story.