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Sep 21 2015


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What follows is an exhaustive list of all sources I consulted, quoted from and otherwise used in preparing my book Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 and both updatesfor publication.

I made every effort to double-check quotes and factual information, and to make attributions where appropriate.

I welcome your comments regarding anything you believe is missing or inaccurate. Also, please feel free to leave comments with links to other useful resources that Madonna fans and scholars might like to explore.—Matthew Rettenmund, September 2015

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032c (Winter 2008/2009) “Who Is Steven Meisel?” by Pierre Alexandre de Looz


1.4 (July 23, 2019) “Emmanuel and Madonna”


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Access Hollywood (2003) Interview by Nancy O’Dell


Access Hollywood (March 29, 2010) Material Girl clothing line interview


Access Hollywood (2011) Interview by Shaun Robinson (October 21, 2008) “Trudie Styler on Madonna-Guy Ritchie Split: ‘They’ve Been Struggling for a While’” (January 13, 2011) “Piers Morgan Reveals Why Madonna’s banned from Piers Morgan Live: ‘There’s a Series of Crimes’” (2012) “Avicii Discusses Madonna’s Ultra Music Festival Controversy”


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