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Oct 27 2015
5 Must-Have Action Hero Accessories Comments (0)

James bond

Action heroes are impressive for more than their ability to save the world, rescue their loved ones, or preserve the sanctity of ancient artifacts. They're impressive because they can do all of that and still manage to look pretty damn good while doing so.

You might not remember these characters for their fashion, but by adding just a few of their signature accessories, you can help you pull off a look that will make you feel like a badass, even when saving the world isn't part of your to-do list.

Indian Jones' Messenger Bag
Sure, he's better known for the fedora, but his messenger bag, visible at Indy Gear, is a lot more appropriate for today's fashion standards. And let's be honest, there's only a select few of us that could pull off that hat without looking ridiculous. Go for a tan or sage green-colored canvas bag with a leather shoulder strap. Whether or not it contains a whip or ancient artifact is optional.

James Bond's Watch
Just as Jones is known for his hat, Bond is known for his suit. But his overlooked accessories are what really make his outfit slick. Case in point: his watch. Although the style has changed over the years, Daniel Craig's character seems to favor sophisticated, silver or white gold varieties with a dark face. You won't have too much trouble finding one for yourself, as designers have certainly picked up on the trend. The collection of designer watches featured on Lyst, have several in the same style, including Emporio Armani's Ar6056 in stainless steel, and Nixon's The Chronicle 44 Watch.

Jason Bourne's Military Style Sweater
Laid out in this article at BAMF Style, Bourne's classic look from the early 2000s included a heavy overcoat to keep him warm in the Paris snow along with black jeans and hiker boots. Under all those layers, however, he wore a charcoal sweater that was "very military style, with epaulettes and shoulder patches for insulation." It's sleek, masculine, and perfectly reflects his disciplined background. Best of all, the piece's dark colors and vertical ridges look good whether you're hiding washboard abs underneath it or a bit of a beer gut.

Bryan Mills' Leather Jacket
Liam Neeson's character from the Taken franchise might not seem as dapper as the rest of the men on the list, but he certainly has a signature accessory that's worth stealing for your own heroic look—his leather jacket. Neeson wore a similar black leather jacket in all three of the films. Shown in several scenes in this Nerd Like You review, it's a four-pocket coat with a shirt-style collar that gives the wearer a polished appearance with a dangerous edge. It's a statement piece, and the statement is, "I'm here to kick ass."

Owen Grady's Shoes
What you'll notice about most suave action heroes is that while they seem to wear dress shoes, they're usually sporting a more comfortable style than your average Oxfords. Owen's shoes in Jurassic World are a great example. Highlighted on this page by Hola!, his Pull&Bear worker boots provide support while he's running through the woods. However, they also look downright classy when partially hidden under his pant leg. Choose a black or dark brown boot to allow for universal pairing.

Finally, if you're really feeling bold, you could throw on a Rambo headband or add all sorts of denim accessories for a Chuck Norris look. But be warned, they'll probably earn you a few head turns for all the wrong reasons.