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Oct 31 2015
ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA Flashback! Comments (0)

Img604Yes, I was a guest on Geraldo Rivera's show. This was pre-publication by a whole year.

As Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 continues to roll out (check out these pieces by The Seattle Lesbian and Edge Media Network), I ran across these images from the first roll-out 20 years ago.

Img595With the original edition

I really can't believe it's been 20 whole years. Book publishing and promotion has changed even more than my hair has—back then, doing signings and appearances was a very big part of every legit book's launch, and there were brick-and-mortar bookstores in which to do them!

Img597 copy 2MASSIVE homemade poster for my MI appearance

My appearance in my hometown (well, in nearby Flint, Michigan) at a bookstore was the most surreal, because I sat there in a suit as a line of people I was related to/grew up with filed past my table and got my autograph. Awkward! I was proud, but also felt like this was a little formal considering the book I was publishing was not The Thorn Birds.

Img598TOP to BOTTOM: With my mom, my beloved aunt Gloria (who thought I hung the moon) and my Grandma Rettenmund, who looks very serious here but was quite vivacious.

Img597With my grandparents, Owen and Mary. Grandma is still going strong at 98.

My NYC book-signing was at a Barnes & Noble and attracted quite a few of my co-workers from St. Martin's Press, yet also some total strangers who were Madonna fans. It blew my mind that strangers would find out about my book-signing, come out and also pay to own my book.

Img597 copyI don't even remember which B&N this was!

Finally, I also went back to Chicago for some promo. I think I did a themed night at a club (nobody was there for me—it was a club!) and I also did a signing at some kind of swanky restaurant, another odd venue. The latter was noteworthy for attracting most of my old U of C chums.

Img596With my pal and former roomie Jung Soo Kim

This time around, I had my book(s) party and will appear at Rockbar ... and social media is taking care of the rest!


You can buy Encyclopedia Madonnica for $60 flat here, or visit me at Rockbar on November 6 and get yours in person for $50! Starf*cker is available here.