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Nov 29 2015
Ted Cruz Goes Full-On Crazy: Brands Planned Parenthood Shoot Trans, Leftist Activist Comments (0)


This is remarkable. This is not your run-of-the-mill political attack, this is an aggressive act of libel against trans people in order to deflect attention from the right-wing talking points that ginned up the loon who killed three at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood location.

Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential nominee (whose low standing was said to have been changing for the better), literally referred to Robert Lewis Dear—the Planned Parenthood shooter—as “a transgendered leftist activist.”


He's making up the transgendered part because the shooter's gender is mistakenly identified as female on a voter registration form. The leftist part is even more made up, since the guy was known to be pro-Bible, anti-abortion and to have handed out anti-Obama pamphlets to his neighbors.

If the mainstream media does not aggressively pursue this, it will be yet another sign that presidential candidates on the right are being allowed to blatantly lie in ways that endanger us all.