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Dec 14 2015
Pintauro Concedes: Maybe He Didn't Get HIV From Oral Sex Comments (0)


Danny Pintauro is speaking out about the uproar he caused with some of his comments on HIV once he came out as HIV positive this year. As the cover guy for POZ Magazine, he notes of criticism that he received by stating he got HIV from oral sex:

The part that frustrates me is I’ve had very little negativity coming from anywhere except from within my community and specifically from other HIV activists. I don’t want to change how brutally honest I’m being, and I can’t apologize for what I consider to be my truth. I’m sorry if that doesn’t fit the PR mold for being an HIV activist. But in talking about the idea since then, [I’ll admit] I don’t know 100 percent – I was doing drugs. But that’s my truth. I’m not going to lie to tell a better story or to make it fit the story I’m trying to tell.

I would suggest the reason others don't care is they're less informed and more open to hearing inaccurate information. It never passed the smell test that someone talking about being deeply involved with meth and experimenting with a submissive sex role was certain he got HIV from oral sex, and it still doesn't. He's at least willing to budge on his certainty by now. He was also pretty weak on The View in general, which is unfortunate because he wasn't there to plug a show, he was specifically booked to talk about HIV, another reason his fellow activists were not thrilled when he said things that seemed to feed ignorance more than to enlighten.

Hopefully he'll find his footing as time goes by.