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Dec 30 2015
The NEWLYWEDS Game: An Interview With Bravolebrities Craig Ramsay & Brandon Liberati Comments (0)


Debuting January 3, 2016, Bravo's Newlyweds: The First Year will feature Fit & Phab's real-life husbands, Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati. Craig has an extensive background in fitness (and is extensively fit), while Brandon's background is in the beauty biz.

They're also launching Potty Training, which will offer exercises you can do on your toilet: 

Keep reading for my chat with the dynamic, entrepreneurial duo ...

Boy Culture: Did you have any trepidations about opening your lives up on reality TV?
Craig & Brandon: Yes! Absolutely. Once you move into the world of reality TV, there is no going back. We had to come to a mutual agreement that it’s “all or nothing” and obviously we choose to bare it all.

BC: What was the most surreal aspect of being filmed for the Bravo show?
C: Because this series is about our world together as a newly married couple, that world includes our families and good friends. Including them and experiencing them being filmed was surreal. Especially Brandon’s sister Bree who had to come out of her shell and film a lot with us during our first year of married life.

BC: Would you say filming the series caused tension or strengthened your relationship?
C & B: Tune in and you will see that.

BC: Did you guys team up beforehand and agree not to expose anything in particular, or was it all no-limts?
C & B: We share this series with three other couples, making it impossible to share everything including all issues and situations. We agreed to hold off on sharing EVERYTHING till we have the opportunity of our own series.

BC: You're both very involved in industries that stress the physical—do you get blowback from people who think fitness and grooming are shallow (I don't, by the way)? Do you have haters? (I do, by the way.) How do you handle any pushback?
C&B: Our industry of fitness, wellness & beauty has its fair share of bullies, but bullying comes from someone being highly insecure and we have a unique sensitivity to that. We address such people and their opinions but aim not to match the negative aggressive energy in which they typically project their own issues.

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BC: Where did you get the idea for Potty Training, and does it really work?
C: A majority of my online fitness based series are what I like to call “undercover fitness,” highly entertaining and fun content but the take-away fitness programming and movement motivation is quite impactful. Can you workout from your the toilet—YES! But you can also take these workouts off the toilet onto the couch or even to the gym with you. Watch all seven Potty Training: Crappy Workouts here.

BC: Why is the time right for Male Polish, your next product, and what's next—guy rouge? Bro-Tox? (Actually, Bro-Tox exists, ha!)
B: Men deserve to be pampered, too! Manicures and pedicures are a great way to relieve stress tension. Male Polish will give men a chance to show off their personality, similar to tattoos; it’s an expression of who you are and how you are feeling.

BC: For each, who are your physical male ideals, other than each other?
C & B: Colin Farrell and Tom Ford.

BC: Who are some of the nicest celebs you've worked with?
C & B: First off, we don’t work with any celeb that isn’t nice and respectful to us and others, but some celeb clients do stand out as extremely kind and generous people. Nice Fit & Phab clients include Jeana Keough (Real Housewives of Orange County) and Jessica Meraz (ABC Family’s Chasing Life). Stars Brandon's especially enjoyed working with include: Jake Coleman (Heroes Reborn and Scandal), Broadway star Stephanie J. Block, Lindsey Clayton (Bravo’s Workout New York). Stars Craig's especially enjoyed working with include: Alec Mapa and Cheyenne Jackson.


BC: What is your top tip for being physically fit, and what would be your top tip for looking one's best?
Craig: Continuously challenge your athleticism by stepping out of your comfort zone. Having a goal of continuously improving your athleticism will provide you with your physique goals. Most people don’t know that professional hockey players take ballet classes (especially the goalies); this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.
Brandon: Dress to express, not to impress. Your style (clothing, hair/makeup) should be a creative expression of who you are NOT what you think will help you fit in.