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Feb 12 2016
Ali Forney's Carl Siciliano On Trying To Buy THAT Church: A TRIUMPH OF LOVE OVER HATRED Comments (0)

Gay ali forney Carl siCilianoCarl Siciliano (Image via The Randy Report/Blog Talk Radio)

I'm loving The Randy Report's interviews, and not just because I was one of them!

Here, Randy speaks with Carl Siciliano, founder and executive director of The Ali Forney Center, which is devoted to housing and advocacy for homeless LGBT youth.

One of the hot topics is the Center's bid to purchase a Harlem church which had become a hornet's nest of virulent homophobia courtesy of the Rev. James Manning.

Via Randy's write-up:

The poetic irony is that the pastor of the church, Rev. James Manning, has spent years spewing vitriolic hate speech towards the LGBT community in Harlem.

Pastor Manning is notorious for signage at the church with messages such as “Jesus would stone homos” and that all supporters of LGBT people should be cursed with cancer, HIV, madness, and eternal damnation.

"The biggest reason our youths are driven from their homes is because of homophobic and transphobic religious beliefs of their parents. If we are able to obtain the space it would truly be a triumph of love over hatred," says Siciliano.

The church is being put up for auction due to unpaid bills and tax liens on February 24th. The goal of the #HarlemNoHate campaign is to purchase the church and make what was once a place that put religious-based hate on broad display, and turn it into a safe haven for young LGBT.

Listen up: