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Feb 21 2016
The Wrong Stuff: Donnie Wahlberg Endorses Marco Rubio Comments (0)

In the same way Susan Sarandon assumes any woman who votes for Hillary Clinton must be doing so using their vaginas, I suppose that I should be in the tank for Marco Rubio, since he and I both have gay dicks. But I'm not.

But Donnie Wahlberg is.

Rubio—who can't seem to catch on even though GOP insiders are desperate for him to topple Trump (FOX News was jumping for joy that Rubio barely edged out Cruz for a distant second in South Carolina yesterday)—saw fit to issue a press release announcing his latest, greatest celebrity endorsement: Donnie Wahlberg.

Yes, that politically uninvolved actor married to anti-vax nut job Jenny McCarthy.

And people are scoffing at Hillary Clinton for merely taking photos with Britney Spears?