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Mar 30 2016
A Cindy Rella Story: Those Madonna Polaroids Will Be Seen In An Upcoming Show Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.39.24 PM(Video still via Adorama)

Richard Corman sheds more light on those 66 new/old Madonna Polaroids of his that he recently unearthed. They were shot in 1983 as part of a movie in which his mom, Cis Corman, wanted Madonna to star.

Corman will be showing the Polaroids in a Chelsea NYC gallery at the end of the year, and plans to display them as giant prints made by the world's largest Polaroid camera.

He also mentions that the movie his mom wanted Madonna for—a hip-hop Cinderella story—had the working title of Cindy Rella.

Check out the video after the jump ...