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Mar 06 2016
Bernie Shushes Hillary In Contentious Debate From Flint, Michigan Comments (0)

Gotta say, I don't think rude and cranky is a good look for Bernie Sanders. Bernie's strength in the debates thus far—and I feel Hillary has bested him every time, if not be a whole lot—is that he's remained cool, calm, respectful. Maybe too much so; it's hard to imagine anyone taking the high road with Donald Trump, for example.

But in this latest debate, from Flint, Bernie sounds angry. I just don't think it's going to pay dividends in my home state. I could be wrong, and of course, as always, Bernie raises many valid points and does not come off as slippery, which Hillary can do at times. (I would be slippery, too, if the Republicans had sued me and tried to put me in jail for 25 years!)