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Mar 23 2016
Boring Establishment Figure Jeb Bush Prefers Annoying Establishment Figure Ted Cruz Over Lunatic Donald Trump Comments (0)

Jeb Bush has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president.

Bush seems to have decided that a religious zealot who is nonetheless a part of the GOP establishment is preferable to a frothy-mouthed demagogue/wild card like Donald Trump.

I gotta say I think I prefer Cruz as the Republican nominee, and I know that is going against what many liberals say. My thought is that Cruz is extremely unlikeable without any of the also unlikeable Donald Trump's (this gags me to say it, but it's borne out by his crowds) charisma. Also, he is so religious and has such extreme-right views, I feel Hillary (or Bernie, if he wins all remaining primaries by like 20 points) could easily highlight that in debates and in ads, and that she (or he) would take all the presumed Democratic states and then some.

With Trump, who I understand has even worse negatives than Hillary, I feel he would energize the base enough and would have enough apolitical supporters who just like him for being un-PC that he would pose more of a threat. I also think he would be revolting in a debate, especially against Hillary (the attacks would be lower than any in American history), and aside from wanting to win, it scares me and saddens me that someone like him might well become a major-party nominee and would then have a shot at winning the presidency.

He is likely to lose, but Donald Trump is the definition of high-stakes gambling.

Cruz is a very dangerous man with ideas I deplore, but so is Trump, and Trump has no boundaries, too. Maybe Trump would be more liberal, but he might also destroy his country's reputation for years to come, and he clearly has zero idea how government works or what the powers of the presidency really are.

I'm hoping a contested convention produces a lot of angry, take-my-toys-and-go-home Republican voters.