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Mar 31 2016
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Recovery: There's Hope After Overcoming A Drug Addiction Comments (0)

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Addiction, it’s one of those diseases that is easy to develop but ever so difficult to overcome. Even after kicking the habit, sober living becomes a daily lifestyle choice that requires effort, motivation, and drive. This, however, should not discourage you if you’re currently in the process of beating your addiction. In fact, the rewards of kicking the bad habits for good are so overwhelming that it should push you to stay on the straight and narrow. Below are a few beacons of hope you have to look forward to as you take each new step towards addiction recovery:

Improved Physical Health

It goes without saying that addiction can wreak havoc on your physical well-being. Prolonged use of illicit substances like crack or heroine or legal substances such as painkillers and alcohol can greatly affect the body. Physical effects can include anything from body aches and pains to an increased risk for heart attack as well as liver and kidney failure.

Your body has an amazing way of healing itself. However, when it is continually fueled with harmful substances, the healing process takes much longer and in some instances may stop altogether. Every second that your body is not exposed to the substances described above is another second that the body has to heal itself. Those who were avid smokers, for instance, will find that once they quit, their lung capacity begins to improve.

Improved Mental Health

Hallucinations, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, mood swings, dependency, and addiction are all psychological effects of consuming drugs and/or alcohol on a continued basis. The chemicals found in the substances you’re using have a way of altering the brain, which can lead to adverse psychological consequences such as those described above.

Once you’ve begun the recovery process, your brain begins to readjust. You’ll slowly begin to lose the urge to abuse drugs or alcohol and will ultimately be able to think clearly. Through recovery options like therapy, you can essentially learn how to deal with life’s happenstances in a more positive manner, which helps to minimize feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Improved Finances

Whether you drink or smoke, the cost of addiction can go through the roof. Depending on how frequently you use and the cost of the drugs or alcohol you consume, you could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollar each month on your bad habit. This can lead to unpaid bills, the need to borrow money, and in some cases, even stealing just to get a fix.

Recovering from addiction, however, means more money in your pocket. You no longer need to purchase the substances and therefore will find that you have more money to take care of the bills that matter most. Over time, you can dig yourself out of debt and minimize the stress that addiction brought to your life.

Improved Relationships

You probably don’t have to be told that addiction can ruin your personal relationships. Your urge to use in most cases takes over the importance of other things in life – including those people you value most. Your loved ones begin to back away either out of fear or because they simply don’t know how to help you.

Recovery brings about hope for renewed relationships. Now with a clear mind and understanding on addiction and how to steer clear of that lifestyle, you’re able to mend the fences of your relationships and avoid going down that path again.

Recovering from addiction equals success in all areas of life. Not only will you feel better, look better, and act better, but those around you will see the change in you, thus encouraging the cultivation of renewed relationships. No matter where you are on your road to recovery, don’t give up. At the end of the road, there is a rainbow of success waiting to shine brightly on you for eternity.

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6-PACK — Nick Won't Do Time + Trump Lies, Flips On Abortion + Trump & Clinton Look Good In NY + Naked & Aroused On Stage + Lesbian Journalist Fired By FRONTIERS + Bear Week! Comments (0)

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*widget boy cultureNick Carter gets community service for brawl.

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*widget boy cultureTrump & Clinton lead respective parties' polls in NY.

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Debra Messing's intelligent, reasoned responses to unhinged Bernie Sanders supporters angry that she called out Susan Sarandon for her implication that she's a Bernie-or-bust voter have been a breath of fresh air in an increasingly vicious campaign season. 

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*widget boy cultureMississippi's turn to pass sweeping anti-LGBT legislation.

*widget boy cultureTrump says women who have abortions deserve punishment.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.26.54 PM(Image from the collection of Matthew Rettenmund)

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