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Apr 06 2016
Man Allegedly Killed For Being Gay Slashed His Ex-Boyfriend's Face, Stalked Him 5 Years Ago Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.27.50 PMAmir Issa (Image via La Jolla Police Dept.)

It would appear that Amir “Rocky” Issa (some reports use the name Amier, but his Facebook account is under Amir)—the man allegedly murdered by his father with a shotgun just for being gay—struggled with some of his family's reported mental issues.

The younger Issa, just five years ago, was convicted of slashing the face of a former boyfriend, Michael Serrato. Via San Diego Community News Group, five years ago:

Issa was ordered to complete a 52-week class for domestic-violence batterers and must avoid all contact with the victim, Michael Serrato, 29, and the restaurants where Serrato works as a waiter. Serrato suffered a 5-inch cut on his face on July 11, 2008, when Issa, who was reportedly stalking Serrato after their relationship ended, confronted Serrato on the street.

Serrato received 28 stitches both inside his mouth and outside his face. Serrato said he was satisfied with the sentence. He sent the judge a letter asking that Issa receive mental health treatment and not a prison term.

Via San Diego LGBT Weekly, five years ago:

A gay man, who was convicted of slashing the face of his former boyfriend, was committed to a state mental hospital January 12. A judge determined the man was not mentally competent to be sentenced.

Amier Rocky Issa, 33, of La Jolla, will be transferred from a jail here to Patton State Hospital where he will be housed and receive psychiatric medication. San Diego Superior Court Judge Frederick Maguire wrote that Issa lacks the capacity to decide whether to take certain medications which are needed for his recovery.

After reports initially suggested Issa was killed just for being gay, investigators this week clarified they now believe that Issa's dad shot him in order to cover up the murder of his wife, Issa's mom. She had been stabbed to death, and the elder Issa claimed his son was the culprit, a claim rejected by cops.