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Apr 10 2016
Kris Jenner Calls Out Caitlyn For Republican Views Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.27.49 PM(Video still via E!)

In tonight's episode of I Am Cait—which I will continue to say is a really solid, helpful show regardless of its star's ridiculous political views—Kris Jenner called out Caitlyn's Republicanism.

Kris observed:

Sometimes you can get a little cranky. Because you're so crazy about this one thing—you are really crazy about this one thing—and no one wants to sit around and listen to this sh*t so shut the f*ck up and relax.

Caitlyn's co-stars enjoyed this comment, and Caitlyn later admitted it is “not fun” to receive so many notes from everyone around her about how she should be.

Video of the exes relating completely different memories about whether or not Bruce told Kris he was transgender during their marriage ...