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Apr 04 2016
Laddy With An ATTITUDE: Slam Opens Up About Madonna & His Famous Gay Kiss Comments (0)

Attitude pins down Salim “Slam” Gauwloos for a great Q&A about the forthcoming documentary Strike a Pose, all about the lives of Madonna's Blond Ambition World Tour dancers.

In the piece, Slam has props for Madonna for soldiering on for decades:

I think it’s amazing that she just keeps going and going—the woman doesn’t stop! I don’t really follow the tours that she does any more, maybe here and there. But kudos to her, she still does what she loves to do. She seems to be happy on stage, despite all the criticism she gets about her age and stuff like that. I hope she is happy.

Hilariously, he needles Madonna's current dancers for not being more reactive to that time she was yanked off her feet at the Brits:

I would have helped! Maybe pulled the cape and make a big magic trick out of it. But I wouldn’t have let her lay there on her back.

He also stressed that he still gets love from strangers over his explicit gay kiss (with the late Gabriel Trupin) in Truth or Dare:

I still get letters about that! Now everyone is kissing, but at the time people didn’t think it was cool. We were just being ourselves. But it inspired a lot of people just to be yourself, and express yourself. But we did it all without knowing what an impact it would have throughout the world.

Strike a Pose plays the Tribeca Film Festival beginning April 15.