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May 31 2016
#IStandWithGawker — The Alternative Is Censorship Via Threat Of Financial Ruin Comments (0)

Hulk-hogan(Video still via ABC)

UPDATE: Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Peter Thiel's peer, has smacked him down for his war on Gawker.

I understand lots of people hate Gawker, though I think it boasts tons of really thought-provoking, funny, original pieces along with some salacious gossip.

In its war with Hulk Hogan, I've already reported that contemptible right-winger Peter Thiel has bankrolled Hogan's legal pursuits, clearly to settle a score—and this is a terrible precedent.

As pointed out by the New Yorker, this case—with its not-so-noble anti-hero (Gawker)—could play right into Thiel and his pick for prez (Trump)'s hands: They want to weaken the free press so that it won't mock the foibles of the elites like them. Imagine Trump gaining access to the presidency and doing away with the Sullivan rule?

Per the New Yorker:

Remember that Thiel is a graduate of Stanford Law School who clerked for a year on the Eleventh Circuit, and that, in his world, “scale” and “disruption” are the hoped-for ends of every investment. He is surely aware of this case’s potential to begin a reëxamination of the fundamental questions in American press law, far beyond the fate of Gawker.

The effect would be chilling. We have to put aside any disdain we (you, not I) have for Gawker or any other fanged media and keep our eyes on the ball—the free press should not be intimidated to report, even negatively, on every aspect of a public figure's life, particularly ones who have a huge say in the media himself (Thiel is on Facebook's board) and ones with enormous political sway (Thiel and Trump).

6-PACK — Ugly Naked Guy Is Revealed + Obama's Pride Proclamation + Mark Salling Got Fired In An Epic Way + Anti-Gay Vatican Stalwart Is (Guess?) Gay! + AIDS Activist Pushes Back Against Bernie + Jan Crouch Meets Jesus! Comments (0)

573f6ea61600002a00f940feDavid Schwimmer & Ugly Naked Guy on Friends (Video still via NBC)

*widget boy cultureThe identity of the dude who played Ugly Naked Guy on Friends took YEARS to reveal. Finally, we get his name and face!

*widget boy cultureObama on Pride: “I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.”

*widget boy cultureMark Salling cut from mini-series as Gods and Secrets director releases powerful anti-abuse statement.

*widget boy cultureCatholic priest who drafted Vatican's anti-gay policies, written negatively of gay people accused of—guess what?—LOVING GAY SEX.

*widget boy cultureLongtime AIDS activist Peter Staley pushes back against Sanders campaign's insinuations that he's on the take.

*widget boy cultureChristian grifter Jan Crouch, about whom even Tammy Faye Bakker might've said, “Tone it down,” dies @ 78. Co-founded Trinity Broadca$ting Network

Jan CrouchJan Crouch (Video still via TBN)

Everyday Sunday's Lead Singer NEVER WANTED TO BE GAY ... But Is Comments (0)

26056396_1280x720(Video still via SAU Pulse)

Via WaPo: Rocker Trey Pearson of the Christian band Everyday Sunday—a hugely successful act for 15 years—has come out as gay in a long letter posted to his fans.

Industry experts have theorized that coming out may ruin his career, but it seems like not coming out nearly ruined his life. For one thing, he married a woman to escape his sexual orientation.

His letter is heart-wrenching, as is the idea that he continues to embrace the very religion that caused him so much pain over who he is.

Read Trey's entire letter after the jump ...

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Heat Index: Abs + Bob Morley Strips + Calvin Harris's Bod + Whale Of A Tail + Go-Go's GF + Hairy Speedo Freak + Memorial Day Spread + Cristiano Ronaldo's Swimwear + Sun's Out, Buns Out! Comments (0)

ABOVE: Abs-olutely fabs-ulous.

ABS OF DOOM: He's definitely not skimping on the crunches.

Lost_in_the_white_city_morley_46(Video still via Lost in the White City/OMG Blog)

WHITE MISCHIEF: Actor Bob Morley takes it all off in Lost in the White City (2014).

NO ACCIDENT: Calvin Harris, bouncing back, shows off bod.

WHALE OF A TAIL: Love this guy's whale-print undies.

Gogo2(Video still by Jimmy Fowlie)

GO-GONE GIRL: Dancer confronts his ex-girlfriend on Go-Go Boy Interrupted.

BARELY COVERED: Hairy muscleman squeezes into Speedo.

VERY HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY: Joshua Michael Brickman ran this up the flagpole:


Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸 @ildeswimwear #atlantisevents #ildeswimwear #memorialdayweekend

A photo posted by Joshua Michael Brickman (@joshuambrickman) on

TIGHT STRIPES: Cristiano Ronaldo shows off in striped swim trunks.


Frisky Group Grope In Brazil With The Cast Of SENSE8 Comments (0)
  13315421_1318402471522791_3940139644643369614_n 13312866_1318402284856143_6916125070790255715_n 13312887_1318402174856154_3606264857428704053_n 13325704_1318402438189461_2445890299217232364_n 13342959_1318402514856120_4713399363142166562_n 13344550_1318402464856125_8811879222672585413_n 13346912_1318402384856133_854964201664753186_n

(Images by Sense8 superfan Cleison Emanoel)

Via Pink News: Some male cast members of the Netflix sci-fi hit Sense8 were the lives of the party at São Paulo Pride in Brazil this weekend, groping and kissing each other gaily while on a break from filming.

13315293_1318402038189501_6713056802251554427_nSilvestre's big reveal

Brian J. Smith, Max Riemelt and Miguel Ángel Silvestre macked for an extended period of time during the festivities, which were given an extra oomph as revelers stood up for a proposed law to allow trans people to legally change their gender:

Over a thousand police officers were on hand, particularly because protests were planned against acting president Michel Temer, the replacement for Dilma Rousseff, who is undergoing an impeachment trial.

While there is hope that legislation will be brought in to protect LGBT people, a law to punish homophobic crime has been stalled by Catholics in Brazil.

The cast posted about the blast they had on social media: 

More pics here.

Divatown Comments (0)

Dietrich Baker(Image via After Dark Magazine)

I know a lot of people would kill Hitler or do something meaningful if given the ability to time-travel, but I think I'd also want to take in a few shows. Dietrich and Baker in NYC at the same time, blocks apart!

Cutting To The Chase & Ian Comments (0)
  Chase-hamilton-15794 20140311201449_8901e4e4e6c7495b63a38da3231a3224 20140311201449_aa35c651dfe4a38320f906c6602cf325 20140311201449_f10b56726de3c672c1960ecb81cb265e Chase-hamilton-15798

Meet Chase Hamilton, who looks like a stereotypical male model, but wants you to know that those stereotypes are bunk.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.01.09 PMChase is not your typical supermodel. (Image via YouTube @ Chase and Ian)

His humorous vlog with fellow model Ian after the jump ...

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Signs Of The Times Comments (0)

IMG_1072(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

As entertaining as the headline is on this bit of graffiti, I'm even fonder of the faint subhead: P.S. “The butt is halfway to the heart.”