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Jun 28 2016
Calum McSwiggan's Claim He Was Gay-Bashed For Pride Is Shot Down By Cops Comments (0)

UPDATE: Sadly, it is looking like McSwiggan faked his assault, an especially heinous thing to do during Gay Pride Month. The police are reporting that when he called about being attacked, they found no injuries and in fact arrested him on an unrelated charge. He was allegedly observed inflicting wounds upon himself, according to police.

Really sad that there are so many people capable of such community-degrading deceptions.

Calum McSwiggan, a popular LGBT lifestyle vlogger, has written on Facebook of being singled out for being gay, beaten up by three men and then mistreated by the authorities. 

McSwiggan's latest YouTube upload, making fun of gay stereotypes, considered in light of his assault just underscores something I say all the time—doesn't matter how we behave vs. how we stereotypically behave, we're queer and the people who hate that will hate it no matter whether we're flamboyant queens or sweet vloggers or Bob the Builder.

Wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery, and I hope he will use his platform to shed more light on what happened in order to make sure it happens less in the future.