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Jun 08 2016
Defiant Bernie Sanders: THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES Comments (0)

More like “the struggle isn't real.”

It's a shame that Bernie Sanders continues to fight a battle he has lost, and decisively, and that in his angry speech—given late in California and early on the East Coast, grumble—he could only refer to Hillary Clinton's history-making wins with a quick mention that he'd had a gracious call from her and congratulated her on her wins (to huge boos from his crowd, boos he didn't bother to hush).

Regardless, I have to say he faked me out—Sanders looked defeated when he began speaking and spent some time taking about how his movement isn't just about him, spoke of it almost in the past tense at times and stressed how he would do anything to keep Donald Trump out of office, so I almost though he might concede.

Instead, he vowed to fight for votes in D.C.'s primary and to take his revolution to the convention, after a pit stop at the White House to meet with President Obama on Thursday.

I agree with Hillary that his battle had merit, and it seems destined to have shifted things leftward in the Democratic party, but I wish he could have been less combative, sounded a more unifying note and could have acknowledged Hillary's incredible achievement rather than behaving as if he has a chance to win as opposed to having a chance to continue making an impact. It's not even about math anymore; it's entered the realm of physics.

I have to say that the results of the votes on Tuesday seem to show that Hillary has closed well (that foreign-policy speech vibed!), and also that Bernie's tactics are grating on rank-and-file Democrats. Hillary wasn't favored to win South Dakota, and she seems to have over performed in New Mexico, New Jersey and California (the latter of which could shift a LOT as the votes are counted).

I'll be curious to see how negatively he frames Hillary from now until the convention or until he surprise-concedes; it's worth noting he didn't attack Hillary in his speech tonight, and it's also worth noting his speech was just 17 minutes long.

I get that it's not the time to be dancing on your opponent's grave, and that every Bernie supporter who votes for Hillary in the general is one less vote for Donald Trump, but it's very hard to know how to work with people who are booing the presumptive nominee, the first female nominee of a major party, and who are chanting, “Bernie or bust!”

Maybe that horrendously unflattering Politico piece on Bernie's campaign is all true. It's depressing if he is the one actually calling so many bad shots.