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Jun 06 2016
6-PACK/politics — Bernie Brunch + Hillary: Island Queen + L.A. TIMES Calls Hillary VASTLY BETTER PREPARED To Be Prez + Hillary's Bounce + French Kiss-Off + Dixies Dump On Trump! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders drops in on a drag brunch in WeHo with Wilson Cruz.

*widget boy cultureHillary wins primaries in the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico; Sanders campaign cries foul in PR, PR Dem Party says Sanders campaign requested fewer stations.

*widget boy cultureThe Los Angeles Times endorses Hillary Clinton ahead of Tuesday's vote: “[S]he is vastly better prepared than Sanders for the presidency.”

*widget boy cultureHillary has bounced back to a double-digit lead over Trump—and she hasn't even clinched the Democratic nomination yet. See YOU next Tuesday.

*widget boy cultureConservative David French won't be running for prez after all, thinks Hillary and Trump are unfit to run for town council.

*widget boy cultureSTILL NOT READY TO MAKE NICE: Dixie Chicks depict Trump with devil horns on new tour.